BBC London airs Kher’s response to a documentary

London: Kirron Kher is one of the most famous and well versed television and movie celebrities of India. She has long been known for her immensely beautiful acting skills and endless performance.
Talking about the human rights, this lady has been shown to be raising her voice against those who ruin the human rights. Kirron Kher, in this particular video that was released from London, is talking about the human rights.

She is of the view that the rights of the women should be protected in any way whether you are in Delhi or London. In the society we live in, the females are not given full freedom of doing jobs and choosing their own lifestyle.
This is what Kirron Kher is raising her voice against. She is saying that not only the women who remain in hijab or are restricted to their homes are noble and innocent, but also the females who go to offices and doing tough jobs can also be the great ladies.
Unfortunately, in our society it is concept that the females need to stay at home. They are just restricted to do household works and nothing else. It is time to change the thoughts of the society. Whereas when you travel to European countries, you will see the opposite. Women can be seen working in offices, hotels, hospitals and in every field of life.

We need to protect human rights as there is no other option of survival. We should try our best to create check and balance between the rights of women and right of men.

This is the only way all of the societies can take steps towards a developed state and can enjoy all luxuries. Thus, the protection of human rights is the need of the time.