Biased Hindus Tease Indian Muslim

Couple of one-sided Hindus teased an Indian Muslim for purchasing a dairy animals for penance it on the eve of Eid-ul- Azha. Poor people Muslim was not just teased for purchasing the cow, he was compelled to talk the trademarks of Hindus. That man was additionally ambushed for changing over his religion to Hinduism. The occurrence uncovered that Muslims have been living hopelessly in alleged common India. 

Indian authorities guarantee that their state is fair-minded for different religions yet it is not valid by any mean. The compelling Hindus have ended up being an one-sided nation. The discipline of an Indian Muslim who purchased a bovine for the penance uncovered the truth of supposed mainstream India. The poor man did not realize that purchasing a bovine could be perilous for him and he needed to face the savagery of one-sided Hindus in transit back to his home. 

Since Hindus have been considered bovine a hallowed creature for their religious confidence and worshiping purposes. Thusly, they have never let Muslims to yield bovines to observe Muslims religious occasions particularly in city of Gujrat. Purchasing a bovine turned out as serious offense for the poor Muslim man and the one-sided Hindus grabbed the dairy animals from him and physically teased him too. 

It was observed that couple of one-sided Hindus tailed him and got him once he purchased the bovine to commend the eve of Eid-ul-Azha. They took him towards a column raised into the ground and tied his body with the ropes to that column. At that point they began to tease him physically and explored why he purchased the creature. In spite of the fact that the Indian Muslim gentleman disclosed the motivation to them yet they didn't trust him. 

Regardless of taking the bovine back from the poor man, the one-sided Hindus continued teasing him and constrained him to talk Hindu mottos. The Indian Muslim was distant from everyone else around then and had no other choice yet to follow up on likewise. He was requested that change his religion to Hinduism which uncovered the genuine face of alleged mainstream India.