Brutality of India in Kashmir

Kashmir is called as paradise on earth where you find amazing nature scenes but unfortunate the people of Kashmir valley don’t live happily. They can’t enjoy, cheer and sing love songs because they are facing the brutality of India. Indian army captured this valley in 1947 and declared its territory.

But Kashmiris have never accepted the rule of India against their will neither Pakistan and after the Indo-Pakistan war in 1947, it has become the bone of contest between these countries.

The valley of Kashmir expected to have affiliate with Pakistan as 80 percent of the population consists on Muslims. According to the partition deed it had to be the part of Pakistan but India violated the agreement. 1947, 1965 and 1999 are the years when Pakistan and India fought wars on dispute of Kashmir but remain unsolved.
Pakistan calls Kashmir its life line and rightly so because all the rivers comes into Pakistan from the valley and India is planning to block the rivers. Besides the claim of Pakistan, people of Kashmir also don’t want to be slaves of India and they have started freedom movement to get rid of this slavery.

In order to stop freedom movement, Indian army has been killing innocent people including women and children since 1977 and according to independent sources over 100 thousands Kashmiris have sacrificed their lives in this cause.

The brutality of so called democratic country India hasn’t stop just on killings. Now they are raping women and girls but so called civilized societies and champions of peace have closed their eyes on this brutality.

Pakistan is supporting Kashmir cause since the beginning and raised voice in United Nation in favor of Khasmiris to resolve the issue in peaceful manner. Now Kashmiris don’t seek the help of any forum and decided to take its freedom back from India.