Frustrated man offers himself to tigers in suicide attempt

A strange incident took place in China where a sad Chinese worker offered himself before the lions to eat him. The instant response of the zoo management proved fruitful and they evacuated the man safely. Chinese man told the media about his depressed life and said that he wanted to get rid of a miserable life.

An eye witness recorded the video of the incident and shared it on the social media where many social media users showed sympathy to the poor worker. However, some social media users condemned his act and termed him a coward person who gave up before the troubles of the life.

“The young man was present outside the cage and jumped inside it. Before it, he loudly announced the problems of his life and said that he felt depressed when he saw caged tigers, away from their natural climate.”, said an eyewitness. “He declared that he had decided to offer his meat to the tigers”, he added.

Luckily, the tigers didn’t respond aggressively and showed no concern with the man. The tigress saw him entering inside the cage and went back to its room. Instead of attacking him the tigers seemed confused. However, the male tiger mauled him when he started dancing before them.