Ban on beef fumes Indian Muslims

Since the BJP came into power after winning with a clear majority in the previous elections in India things have not shaped up too well for the Muslim community. Recent ban on cow slaughter and eating is the newest of atrocity pulled up on poor Muslims.

The state of Maharashtra imposed the ban first and now there is a long list of states in India where this ban is applied.

Muslims who are in a minority in India are suffering the most from this ban. A large number of this number lives under the poverty line and beef was one of those food items which were in their range but not anymore.

Cow is considered as a sacred in the Hindi religion and thus the sentiments of the majority are hurt when Muslims slaughter a cow and eat the meat, this is the logic sated by the Indian government.

Recently a man has been attacked along with his family by an Indian mob. The mob was suspicious about the man that he was stored beef in his home and as a result to it they find it easy to get the reason to end his life.

The son of this man is laying in the hospital in a critical condition. This is the democracy India applies to the Muslim community. A secular government and secular legislation still can’t protect a minority.

The ban was opposed on a very large scale, nationally and internationally. People have called this ban a bad move from the Indian government which is definitely hurt their reputation as a secular state in all over the world.