Fight with this moral police

We are living in 21st century where everyone knows about their rights. The western culture has passed many bills to give proper rights to the people to live. However women are still deprived of their rights of living an independent life.

In our society women are being harassed and teased every they go, whether in markets, offices on in educational institutes. People think that it happens because of the modern dressing style of women which attracts the men towards the however the ladies in Shalwar Kameezor even  Abaya are also victimized by the eve teasers.

While talking about India, the rate of women harassment and eve teasing is at its peak. The women living in India are not safe on the roads even by their own protectors. Recently, an incident happened in India where a girl was tortured by a cop on the road.

According to the reports the girl was going to market when the cop started teasing her by doing wolf whistling at her. The nearby people instead of helping the girl started looking her with creepy eyes. However the brave girl took charge of the whole scene and slapped the perpetrator. After watching this people came to help and the police officer was suspended then.