Human Girl born like Fish

It is commonly understood by any sane and educated person that the proper time that a baby needs for development inside a mother’s womb is nine months. This time period is one of the hardest periods of any mother’s lives, which is why moms all around the world are meant to be respected and taken care of. These days, due to the sheer advancement in science and technology, specific, special or abnormal growth can be detected before time. Though sometimes, things can turn out strange in the end.

An odd and interesting looking infant was conceived in Charikot, Nepal, drawing in an enormous number of spectators. The child experiences a cephalic issue called Anencephaly. Its head completely sunk into the upper part of the body and with remarkably huge eyeballs truly popping out of the eye-attachments. Be that as it may, the anonymous child kicked the bucket after thirty minutes upon its introduction to the world.

Aan Egyptian child young lady named Manar Maged was conceived with her twin Islaam connected to her head, a condition known as Craniopagus Parasiticus, or Parasitic Twin. Islaam was essentially only a head and upper middle, yet could grin and squint all alone.