Love marriage ended in tragic way

ISIS is an Islamic state group which is also known as Daesh. The group has control over vast landlocked territory in Iraq and Syria, with a population estimate ranging between 8 million people and where it enforces its interpretation of Sharia Laws. This group is the extremist Jihadi group which one of the most dangerous Jihad group. Their soldiers are professionally trained and well equipped mainly because it is financially supported by many powers of the world.

It follows an extremist interpretation of Islam, promotes religious violence, and regards Muslims who do not agree with its interpretations as infidels. Their soldiers are brutal on people especially to the non-muslims who refuse to turn to Islam. Their fighters kill the non-muslim men and keep women as collared.

Recently three brave women manged to escape from the territory of Daesh fighters and told their whole story of execution to the human rights advocate. They told that how those brutal men tortured them and physically abused them them several times a day. They told that Daesh fighter used to kill their men and took them to secret places where they are sold to different people.

She added that the commander keeps the most charming women and the rest are given to the lower staff. When a man gets bored with a women, he then sell her to someone else and buy a new woman for him, this genocide crime is present everywhere in Iraq. Three of the ladies managed to get escape from that hell and then came to U.S and now they are living a satisfied life.