Beauty of Islam and Holy Quran

The West has always opposed Islam due to their rivalry towards this religion but somehow or the other, the officials were forced to admit the reality of this great religion. This was shocking news for most of the people who were busy propagating against Islam in letters and spirits.

According to NASA officials, they discovered many things during the latest tour of their spaceship to Mars and found the elements of life at that planet. Furthermore, they confessed that there was huge proof of Muslim’s Prophet Muhammad written on the planet.

This was a huge confession of American scientists who declared this big news to be true. Muslims were delighted to know about such a big thing about their Prophet. The reason is that the Muslims have been pushed on the back foot due to aggravated propaganda against them since last few years.

They have been blamed of several things in the same period and people of all over the world are spreading false information about them. This was like fresh air for them without any doubt.

On the other hand, there are certain people who do not believe about these things and are raising questions about this news. However, the visual effects have made it clear that there is no doubt about this news.

In the meanwhile, the Muslims should not forget about their role to promote Islam as universal religion. They must act like the Victorians and historians to make an impact in this world. This was the only way to look forward in this world for a better image.