How brutally Indian Army officers treat to Kashmiri Women

Kashmir ladies got awful treatment from Indian armed force and it was appeared on all the news channels and online networking. They have been possessing the nation since numerous years ans carrying on seriously with the women also. The video has been made by one of the poor young lady who was being assaulted by the cops of Indian that were posted there.

Kashmir lady was being conveyed by the Indian Army officers with the bar in their grasp. They had tied the woman with the wooden stick only for request was going to be held. The woman continued requesting that they allow her to sit unbothered however the cops never let her go and rather tied her with the wooden rode.

Indian armed force treated Kashmir ladies severely when they attempted to challenge them. The video was recorded by one of the woman who was concealing herself behind the auto. The video demonstrated that how dishonorably they hit the woman as though she had done some wrongdoing. The conduct of the armed force of the India have been truly lamentable

Indian armed force have been occupied in getting the video erased from the online networking with the goal that no one could know their pitiless demonstrations in Kashmir. Two of the cops likewise brought a woman with them while hanging her to the wood pole. The video became a web sensation on the online networking and it demonstrated the genuine face of the cops who have been calling their conduct to be tranquil in the nation.