NGOs Human Rights Work Needs Focus

Human Rights of the NGOs needed some urgent focus after watching the video clip that was shared on social media. Some people denied the video while others were pretty sure about the authenticity of the video. They demanded justice for everybody as they were born to get all the luxuries and facilities of life as other people on this world.
Human rights deserved by those kids who lacked the facilities and were given treatment for getting birth in some countries. Some countries of the world were in the focus program of the world health organization but countries with the power never obliged them. Their reporters have been highlighting the issue for many years but no action was taken yet.

The video that needed to circulate all over the internet and on all the mediums, was cancelled due the negligence of the people. They considered some kids to be inferior while others have considered them to equal to the other kids in the world. World has been blessed with huge population despite of the differentiation of the gender. Kids despite of racism should have been given deserved equally but the justice did not prevail in some cases and shouted for help.