Strange Road Accident Causing Trouble

Strange road accident caused trouble to the young biker who was riding one wheel on the empty road. He had done one wheeling for many times and thought that he had lots of expertise in it. He started off on the bike pretty well since the road was empty. The young boy and his friend went to show off their skills. Despite of doing one wheeling his video was also being captured.

The road accident was on the cards since he had lost control over the bike. The young boy fell off the bike on the road as he tried to leave his one hand and raised wheel in the air. Such incidents of one wheeling have happened in the past and caused injuries to the young boys but they never learnt anything. The video showed that how badly the young boy fell off the bike and the bike kept on moving the same direction.

The bike was moving nicely on the road as if it was being ridden by some ghosts. The bike and the young boy on the road got injured. The friend of the boy who was using one wheeling stopped his bike on the road to help. The video has been a lesson for the people who had still not given up using one wheeling show.