Airplane Incident Surprises Airport Staff

Airplane incident surprised everybody at the airport and the airport staff also could not believe. The video was considered as the viral one and the video websites have been deleting it as they thought it to be not fair for the audience. Airport aviation authority was also quite concerned about the authenticity of the video.

According to the Airplane news agency it was told that some of the people were coming down from the stairs of that plane and they were too close to the fan. The fan had quite strong force that attracted people towards it. The airport staff members were also present when the incident took place. The video was shot by one of the people who had walked through that place as well.

As the airplane stopped so that all the Pilgrims could come down from the stairs, the pilot started the engine. He did not know that all the passengers had not come down at the exact time. One of the passengers at the airport was unlucky one as he was caught and taken up by the fan of the machine. Sources at the airport said that he was going very close to the fan of the machine that caused his life.