California Incident Goes Wrong

California Incident Goes Wrong. Road accident happened on the road while a young boy tried to do one wheeling on the motorcycle. The young man lost the control over the motorbike and fell off it causing lots of injuries. He was not riding one wheeling alone but was accompanying with his other friends as well. The young people had been using bikes for their favorite pastime.

California Road Accident did not happen only in subcontinent rather it also happened in the foreign countries. The reason behind such incidents in subcontinent was the one wheeling that has been going wrong on many occasions. Young people have been doing one wheeling on the road with their girl friends also who never did mind going for ride.

A young boy fell off his bike in California while he was trying show off his skills to his friends. The road was less crowded so the young boy decided to use it for one wheeling. He never knew that he might fell there in the middle of the race. The video was being captured by one of his friends who was also riding bike. One Wheeling has caused so many incidents in which young boys had lost their lives still they never gave up using this art.