Giant Elephant Dies after Colliding with Express Train

Giant elephant instantly died after colliding with express passenger train in the area of Buxa National Park, West Bengal. The speedy passenger train was travelling in the area of nature reserve when a giant male elephant collided with it and died on the spot due to negligence of authorities of railway.

The area on the border of Bhutan is famous for animals’ migration and people there treat elephant like god but still its shrinking. The farmers poisoned the crops of the area and after eating it the giant animals fail to cross the railway line. So many of these giant animals have died due to the negligence of authorities in recent past.

The minister stressed on the protection of animals particularly elephant by describing it gentle giants. The wildlife in Buxa National Park seemed dangerous for animals. The tiger reserve park should be declared animal zone and no passenger train should be allowed to travel there.
The shrinking of elephant can be avoided if forestry department works efficiently and effectively. The death of giant elephant saddened the wildlife lovers across the world and stressed the authorities to protect the animals, they expressed their views on different social media platforms.