London: Elephant in London Zoo Mesmerizes Woman

London: An elephant in ZSL London Zoo became massager as the trainer asked it to do so. A beautiful woman was feeling tired and her body was breaking due to hard work. She wanted to feel relax but for this purpose she took the services of elephant instead of human as massager and it worked brilliantly for her.

Elephants are trained in ZSL London Zoo for different services managed by Zoological Society of London. It was established in 1826 and now it has become the largest collection of 806 animal species in United Kingdom. More than 19,178 individuals are putting their efforts to run the zoo successfully as it is not funded by the government at all.

So, a trained elephant gives its massage services to the people and working quite efficiently. The woman visited ZSL London Zoo to enjoy weekend and there she saw elephant patting the body of person with heavy feet. Interestingly the person was enjoying quite a lot when the animal was doing massage.

It created curiosity for the lady as she was witnessing the strange massager and she asked the trainer of the animal to acquire its services. Her body was tiring so much as she worked really hard throughout weekdays and her body was demanding full time relaxation. For the moment getting massage from elephant looked the best option for her.

The owner asked the lady to lie down on mat placed on the ground so that the elephant could begin its work. Once she was lied down on mat, the animal came nearer to her and put its big feet on her back. The animal slowly began patting the back side of lady which gave her so much relaxation and she really enjoyed it.

For few minutes the trained but clever elephant continued its massage making the woman feel relaxed. The trainer of ZSL London Zoo asked the animal to stop the message because the lady was fully relaxed. She looked happy and amazed with the performance of clever animal and praised it so much.