Man Jumps Without Parachute In America

Man Jumps without Parachute In America when the shooting of the movie was taking place. The director of the Holly wood movie asked the hero of the movie to go for the live stunt. The famous actor of the movie was famous for his real stunts in the movie. The recent movie was being made over the story when the character of the movie had to jump out of the airplane.

America Hollywood movie was very famous for the character as it was the serial movie. The famous actor that was playing the main role in the movie had to decide whether to go for the fake stunt or the real stunt. He decided to jump out of the airplane without the parachute. Everybody was very nervous as it could have cost his life. All the necessary measurements were taken place before the jump.

As the airplane went in the air at a reasonable height, the actor jumped out of the window without the parachute. Everybody including the director and the rescue team present there were really nervous. Luckily the man who jumped out of the window of the airplane fell exactly at the same location that was planned for the stunt.