New Hand Cutting Machine For Thieves

Increasing population is a common problem across the globe in 21st century. As science and technology is increasing, more human resource is required to operate the system. On the other hand, population growth rate is not being controlled by officially permitted authorities.

On one side where technology and population is progressing, in return, crime ratio is also going up drastically. The graph of unemployment is also rising which eventually is leading youth towards snatching and crime.

The situation is getting worse in poor countries day by day. Snatching and robbery is easy money for any human and in single successful operation, he earns for the whole month and sometimes for the whole year.

There are various laws effective for such criminals. None of them seems to be an effective solution to handle the situation.

In such tough situation, Iran came up with a solution. They have prepared a machine to punish thieves. The one who will steal anything, his hand will be cut with the sharp blade. Recently, they caught a dishonorable thief who was concerned in a variety of crime situations.
In presence of media, the culprit was brought to his final destination. The soldiers grabbed him and cut his hand with jagged blade in a single go. The crowed witnessed this incident and got scared. On the other hand, they also appreciated government action.