Pakistani should learn from this practice

The Pakistan Showbiz industry is producing world class talent at the speed of light. We have singers, models, VJs, hosts, anchors and all sorts of other artists making it big at the International Stage. Today, we are proud to announce the entry of another veteran Pakistan actor into the Bollywood Film Industry.

While the political ties between the two countries might by as fiery hot as ever, it is their Showbiz relations that never seize to amaze us. Another veteran from the Pakistan drama scene is now on his way to the grandest stage of the sub-continent, B-Town, where he is all set to kick off his first ever movies.

Sajal Aly assumes a urgent part as Sridevi’s little girl in the film. Sajal had before posted a photo of her holding with Sridevi’s eldest little girl, Jhanvi on area. With such great ability crossing the outskirt. Hopefully to some awesome true to life trade later on. All things considered, we perhaps separated by the outskirt yet we can unquestionably join over silver screen.

Are you proud Pakistani fans? I would urge all our fans, both brothers and sisters to not launch a critical attack on Adnan. There are two solid reasons for that. Firstly, he is one of the most honored and respected actors our drama industry has ever had. Secondly, him joining Bollywood does not mean that he is a traitor of some sort. It is the right of every Showbiz star to make it big and move on to higher levels if given the chances.