Shoplifting of a women in a departmental store

Mostly people love to shop from departmental stores because they find a huge variety of things at those stores so that they can choose the best option for themselves. Women always want to buy things after a complete inspection and sometime in consultation with their friends, colleagues and neighbors.
They can buy anything which they find economical whether it is their necessity or not. In this footage a women has been shown in a departmental store where she is taking a look at the items which were displayed there. But soon we realize that she was shoplifting from that store.

Some people are addicted to shoplifting; no matter they belong to middle class or elite class. Mostly middle class people do shoplifting to maintain a lifestyle which they cannot afford. Mostly females adopt shoplifting activities as they know that it is not a major crime, accusers never get severe punishments when they are prosecuted by law enforcement agencies.

Many famous celebrities of Hollywood like Britney Spears, Lindsay Johan,  Arvil Lavinge, Kesha, and from Bollywood  Riteish Deshmukh was also found a shoplift. In this footage a woman is shoplifting in a departmental store. From her appearance no one can think that she can do such kind of illegal activity.

She is taking a look at some items and hiding them in her clothes and bag. She is not conscious that there is a hidden camera in the store. These kind of uncivilized deeds not only cause insult to that particular person but on the whole it also damage the reputation of his complete family.

Some reports have shown that about 1 person from 11 person try to shoplift in his life. The society must play its role in prevention of these kinds of crimes because when the criminals will not get punishment for their wrong deeds they will be encouraged and in the future life can become a member of a gang of robbers.

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