Silence Of World Media On Awful Acts Of Israel

Israel is a small country with less population. The country is economically very strong and ruling the world. They are holding stakes in best companies around the globe. In addition to this, they are the nation who takes its religious teachings very seriously than any other nation.

On the other side, they are going through a war against Palestine. Though, Palestine is a less powerful country than Israel but still they are fighting for their right. In recent years, some shameful acts have been performed by their soldiers.

In every constitution of civilized nations, children, women and old people are not targeted during any assault or combat. Israel crossed the very last limit of humanity when they unconfined a trained belligerent dog on an old lady.

The dog bit the lady on her arm and did not let her go away. The video clip went viral on social media and on every forum, people conceded insistent remarks. Surprisingly, developed countries did not say anything but tried to bury all the state of affairs.

In addition to this, human rights organizations were also silent on the issue. They did not say a single word in favor of that lady but charged her as guilty. At large, the video was condemned by various countries around the world.