Honour killing: Girl set on fire in front of panchayat

Police reached hospital when they came to know that act of cruelness, FIR has been registered and two people are been arrested. Authorities’ claims that they will put every single person behind the bars very soon however boy (Ranjeet) and his relatives are not traceable as yet.

In India you may find such so called judges in each every village, Panchayat sentenced that innocent girl to set on fire and now she is in critical condition unable to
fight for her life.

There are so many questions are raised due to above cruel act, first of all where is Mr. Modi who claims to be the best. If he can’t control his own state than there is no point he remains to be a supreme leader of India.
Secondly, what police was doing that reached hospital not the crime site. I can assure you that they and would have been informed that such is going to be taken place. They didn’t reach crime site because they were paid for that. These sort crimes are been conducted will planning and police are been involved in it.
This is a case reported and media has covered the same, how many of such cases are not been reported every day, number would be in hundreds. In order to avoid such things we need to focus on education of our people, in that way we may create a good society.