Man gets a second life at his own funeral

These tips are for the normal male. The diligent employee, brew drinking, Cheetos eating, T.V. watching male. One who tends to the earth yet doesn’t see the need or need in burning through $15 dollars on some girly looking poo Eco suppress that finishes spilling on you or a group of re-usable fabric sacks that your never going to wash or overlap or stack perfectly in an ergonomic Eco well disposed regulation unit.

Their simply going to wind up on the wash room floor pushed in the corner canvassed in dry puppy sustenance and overlooked. *Disclaimer* I’m certain there’s huge amounts of awesome, solid, dependable Eco poop items out there however bear in mind this is the MAN’S MAN Manual for ECO-Cordiality. Other than that $15 bucks can go towards brew and munchies.

So with no respects, here are 3 testosterone powered, love seat riding, Baywatch seeing man methods for Making strides toward environmental friendliness:

REUSE YOUR WATER BOTTLE: I heard some place about you can become ill or something on the off chance that you utilize a similar water bottle again and again without washing it and something about it being plastic.