Man gets second life just before Janaza

Life of this world is not liked by many people and the reason they give simply is that they have to work hard to survive in this life, there are many things that go against their likes that sometimes change of temperature becomes so strange that people feel too much hot and sometime too much cold.
People are found saying that we suffer too much in this world, we sometime suffer loss of health, wealth and life. Our loved ones, the things we like too much are lost and pain is what is there in this life of the world. Believer of this life only are found saying that because there is too much frustration so we watch sex videos, and seek all other pleasures to enjoy life.

Few are the people who remain thankful to God for everything because they believe in the afterlife, and whatever is missing in this world its adjustment will be made in the afterlife or on the Day of Judgment. Many people are found saying that there is no afterlife and some say life of this world cannot be justified without concept of afterlife.