Nation that has gone beyond all moral codes

Only thought that keep people believing that they one day will reach or meet God alone. And they will be asked regarding each and every blessing they hold in this life. Every minute blessing is simply given to man for the purpose of test, that how all these blessing man use and how much thankful he or she remains to God.\
No one enters or exit life with his consent, man is simply given facilities in this life, some are given more than enough, some are given moderate facilities and some are given very few blessings, each and every human being will be held accountable according to the blessings he is given.

These are all the thoughts that make people stop doing corruption but hardly are people who follow these patterns of thought, majority deny the existence of God just because they have to suffer pains in this life, they undergo loss of wealth, health, life and fruits, they have to face fears and frustrations and they are found saying that God does not exist, there is no afterlife and doing corruption is our right. Corrupt people though make easy earnings but they ultimately suffer other problems due to wrong means they adopt to earn money.