What kind of Islam ISIS follows???

What kind of Islam ISIS follows???POLITICS BY ADMIN ON JANUARY 20, 2017 NO COMMENTS
Only those people believe in the miracles of Allah and Islam who are believer of afterlife but those who reject the concept of afterlife are found saying that this is the only life so we will be having too much fun and pleasures in this life otherwise they are found ending their life with suicide.
Quran is the word of God and it holds solutions to the problem of humanity, any bad thought that can affect the mind and heart of an individual or society is dealt with perfect solution given in the Quran. Reader of Quran also does not become too much worried because any anxiety or any question that can trouble a single individual is answered.

Miracles of Allah and Islam are best witnessed when a person starts practicing what he knows, or simply implementing the knowledge that he has regarding the dos and don’ts of Islam and also the likes and dislikes of Allah. People consider many other things as miracles also like the creations of heaven and earth is also a miracle.