Small problem that create domestic problems

Domestic problems  are one of the most serious problems of our societies. It is a kind of misbehave done by either a male or female with other family members. The common reasons of domestic problems  are family tensions, love affairs, personal relation problems, unemployment, poor lifestyles, addiction, health problems, and various others.

Whatsoever the reasons or causes of the domestic problem may be, there is a strong need to keep a control over it. This can be done on individual or governmental level.

The governments of the powerful and developed countries like America, England, Switzerland, and China are already taking measures against domestic assault.

As compared to this, the states like Pakistan, India, and Bangladesh are truly behind, far behind. The rate of domestic assault in such countries is very high, and increasing day by day. There should be proper check and balance.

The males are the persons who commit most of domestic problem. The females and children, on the other hand, are said to be the victims. The housewives remain too much busy in their works every day. If they do some sorts of mistakes, they are often beaten by the male partners of the house.

Such situations, sometimes, become so serious that can lead the females or other victims to get injured. Against such a domestic assault, police complain can be done, but the hearing takes too much time, and this is why most of the females avoid going to court for this.

It is the duty of every government to reduce the ratio of domestic problems.