Jealous boyfriend stabs man because he played video games with his girlfriend

Children playing video games illustration 
By: Feng Qian
A jealous boyfriend flew into a rage after he caught his girlfriend playing video games with another man, police in China said.

Putuo Police said that they arrested the boyfriend identified as Chen, after being accused of stabbing another man he believed was having an affair with his girlfriend.

According to the police investigation, Chen stabbed the victim after he caught him playing video games with his girlfriend identified as Yao.

After stabbing the man, Chen struck Yao with the handle of the knife and fled the scene. Friends of the wounded called an ambulance and they were taken to a hospital.

When Chen heard that the victim was taken to a hospital, he contacted his family members and asked them to pay 30,000 yuan ($4,800) to help cover his medical expenses.

He turned himself in to police, and he was charged with assault.