Shameful acts Israel army against youth of Palestine

A lucid video of Israeli soldier went viral after he was found running in front of a small Palestine kid in the battlefield. The fully armed military personal of Israel was chasing a young kid with latest arms and the boy was running to save his life from his tyranny. However, the things took a dramatic change when the kid forced the soldier to act like a cowardice.

According to the details, Israeli forces were busy in teasing the innocent Palestinians in the West Bank when a small kid threw several stones upon them. Consequently, one of the troops ran after him to arrest him. The young kid was frightened by the situation and he ran away from the sight.
The kid was running to save his life and the Israeli soldier was chasing him like a wild dog. While running desperately, the kid thought of being bold and decided to teach a harsh lesson to the cruel soldier. He turned back and challenged the soldier to arrest him.

Israeli forces are making worst tyranny to the local people of Palestine who are fighting for their right of self-determination. The forces have occupied their land illegally since last 50 years or so and they are not allowing the local people of living peacefully in their homes.

The young kid who was fed with the rude and cruel behavior of Israel, threw couple of stones at military official and he was frightened like never before. Now the soldier was running in front of small kid like a sheep running before a tiger.