Small kids of Palestine being tortured by Israel Army

It was one of the most wonderful things of the century when a Palestinian boy chased an Israeli soldier with stones in his hands. The armed soldier of human criminal Israel, was running like a sheep to save his life despite the fact that he was armed with latest gun. On the other hand the small kid was only having few stones in his hands.

Meanwhile, the news was spread on social media like fire in forest and Palestine kid became an overnight hero. He was appreciated by whole world for his matchless bravery and the soldier was being bashed by his fellows for taking such as cowardice turn. The boy challenged the cruel officer of facing him if he had the courage to do so.

However, the Israeli military official preferred to save his life at the hand of innocent boy ironically. The same officer was behaving ruthlessly with the kids and women of Palestine few minutes earlier and later on he was made to pay the price.

The boy was also running to save his life initially but then he took a bold stance despite the notorious behavior of occupied forces. The occupied forces of Israel have gunned own thousands of innocent people of Palestine in last few decades. The occupied forces have got no mercy towards human beings due to the political pressure and weak moralities.