Best fails compilation in different worldly games

How we ought to appreciate the life just English People can portray it. They are completely audacious and they do whatever they need. They couldn’t care less anything when they have chosen to do anything whether it goes to support them or not. Same is the story in the given video.

You can see small time how he hops from the rooftop to arrive on the ball however he fizzles and terrains on the ground so seriously. He may have a few wounds as he tumbled from the rooftop however he couldn’t have cared less of it. Same is the situation in the following clasp in which one kid bounced from the stature into water however comes up short.

When he neglects to dive in water he hit with the solid column as he has rope which was being wrapped with his body by his companions. In the precise next clasp you can see one kid hit with the seat who was attempting to have involvement with the seat.

One kid tries to toss some fire like thing which again comes to him and hit his mouth so severely. He was on the ground because of torment and began to sob for offer assistance. One kid was attempting to have routine of bouncing on the seat.

He hopped from the table to get on right standing position on the seat however he fizzled and tumbled down severely. Another kid was skating and severely tumbled down on the solidified ground.