Nepal News of Frog Baby Amazes

Nepal news of frog baby amazed the whole world when they watched the news and the pictures on the social media. The baby looked terribly like the frog. All the family members were also really surprised at the birth of the child. The doctors had predicted something strange to the mother who had premature birth.
Nepal doctors had advised the mother to go through some medical tests which also proved that the pregnancy was not a normal one. The doctors were also very surprised to see the face of the child. Frog like baby was then taken by the family members to the streets who had placed it in a bowl. The pictures were spreading all over internet.

Doctors of the hospital could predict such irregular birth of the child since they already said that they had to go for the premature delivery. The delivery was normal but since the delivery happened three months before the normal time so such complications were on the record. The doctors did not know how to deal with such cases since it was not the first birth of abnormald child. There were many other childs were born that had some complicatons.