Japanese TV Host Gets Attempt by Wild Bear

Japanese TV Host Gets Attempt by Wild Bear. A bear trainer in Miami got attacked by the wild bear straight at this face when he was shooting for a stunt with the animal for a TV show. Wild bear held on to his face by darting at it and almost killed the trainer in the Miami Zoo. It was such a disturbing incident which could have taken the life of the trainer who had quite experience in playing and living with the animals.
In Miami, such Japanese incidents have happened with the other people too in the zoo when they tried to go too close to the bears. But none of them was the trainer; it was the normal visitors who planned their Miami zoo trip with their friends and family. In the past no one ever seen any trainer getting attacked by animals belong to the zoo.

The trainer started to show some stunts with a TV channel, whose crew was also present at the zoo with the other safety officers of the zoo. There was always a risk factor involved while shooting any stunt with the animals as they could be dangerous at times. The wild bear looked all right at the start of the shoot.

Wild bear was kept in Japanese zoo for a long time as it was taken from the wild life forests. The trainer started to stay relaxed at the start but the bear had different intentions of eating him. It just darted at trainer’s mouth within no time and kept holding his mouth with its jaws making him shout for help. Other men standing near him came up to him and tried to rescue the trainer from the jaws of bear.
Safety officers from the Japanese zoo in Miami started to spray some chemical at the wild bear in order to get the trainer released from its grip. Then the bear got blind and released the mouth of the trainer. He had blood on his all face. Luckily the help from 911 reached in time and he was taken to the hospital. Quick service was given to the trainer and he thanked God for saving his life.