Rare Video of Aero Planes Colliding During Italian Show

Video of aero planes colliding and crashing near the beach during the Italian show really saddened the whole world. The incident took place in Italy when the department of aviation was organizing a flying show named as Italian show in Italy near the beach. Successful show was already being shown by the pilots just before that incident of colliding happened.
Aero planes were flown by the expert pilots who had been flying the aircrafts in the past as well but this flight turned out to be their last flight in the Italian fly show. The officials of Italy also felt very grieved to announce the sad demise of both the pilots during the Italian show. Many tourists were there to witness that pathetic incident.

One of the tourists was capturing the moment of the Italian show when the aircrafts were being flown by the expert pilots. Many successful shows have been organized before this incident every year and nothing bad was reported during the Italian show. Many people on the beach were busy in watching the Italian show and enjoyed a lot just before that incident.

Both aero Planes started off from the run way pretty good till they happened to come in each other’s way. The footage showed that they might have mistaken their way or they might have been some sort of technical fault in one of the aircraft's which never allowed them to land successfully.
Pilots of aero Planes were very genius according to the department of aviation which had organized many such fly shows in the past as well and nothing bad happened. Tourists at the beach got scared while they were enjoying the Italian show. They shouted and told everybody else who was not taking interest in the Italian show.