Rani Mukharjee Words About Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

The Islamic Prophet is specified in the Heavenly Authoritative guide of Christians.

First Question – Why is He specified in the Book of scriptures?

As indicated by Islamic Convictions, Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.A.W. is the best Dearest of God, the best from all manifestations. God Made Universe and everything for Him and gave Him may over all world. On the off chance that you stick to Him, you stick to a rope which will never snap. On the off chance that you deny Him, you are transgressor who blazes in hellfire for dependably and always i.e. for time everlasting. He is separated from everyone else more excellent than every other creation.

God adored Him more than everything, God made Him the lord of all creatures. All creatures incorporate all Prophets. All Prophets depicted Him including Jesus (PBUH). Be that as it may, later their sacred writings were undermined by specific People roused by Demon (Never take a gander at Christianity for Fallen angel, Islam has an extremely familiar and more extensive idea of Villain, on the off chance that you counsel Christianity for fiend, it will be babble for skeptics). Still you can discover a few Expectations of Heavenly Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.A.W. in the old sacred writings, for example, Book of scriptures, Vedas and so on. As the Quran states:

“The individuals who take after the Delivery person, the unlettered prophet, whom they find written in what they have of the Torah and the Gospel, who charges upon them what is correct and denies them what isn’t right and makes legal for them the great things and disallows for them the wickedness and diminishes them of their weight and the shackles which were upon them. So they who have trusted in him, regarded him, bolstered him and took after the light which was sent down with him – it is the individuals will’s identity the fruitful.”
(Al-Araf 7:157)

So in the event that they have confidence in the same as you trust in, then they have been [rightly] guided; yet in the event that they dismiss, they are just in disagreement, and Allah will be adequate for you against them. What’s more, He is the Listening to, the Knowing.

(Al-Baqra 2:137)

Furthermore and in particular, Where is He said in the Book of scriptures

Jesus Christ is advising to His Supporters

“I have yet numerous things to state onto you, however ye can’t shoulder them now, howbeit, when

HE the Soul of Truth is come,

HE might direct you into all truth for

HE might not talk from HIMself and

HE might state what He should be told and

HE might direct you into rest of reality

HE should commend me”

(JHON 16:12-13)

Eight manly pronouns like He’s presenting somebody..

Christians say its the Sacred Phantom. Presently let me ask a straightforward question from them

“At the point when did this soul of truth come and WHAT THINGS HE Let you know?”

Take a gander at Book of Acts Ch 2, versus 1-47, a Soul has come yet no things new, not in any way

When I inform Christians regarding this verse, they suggest the accompanying conversation starters in endeavors to shield their religion. Give me a chance to answer them.

1. Was Islamic Prophet S.A.W.A.W a Soul?

Lets see the importance of Soul. As indicated by oxford lexicon

“Soul is the non-physical piece of Human body; soul”

Presently I say He wasn’t a soul however He had a soul. Basically, soul of Truth is a symbolical word which mean soul of Muhammad S.A.W.A.W.

The Book of scriptures likewise utilizes “Soul” for different People in Good news of Jhon 4:2-3.

2. Did He celebrate Jesus P.BB.U.H?

Obviously yes… He gloried entire universe, to be sure entire universe was made for Him. From starting to time everlasting, He’ll be extolling all universe. Specifically, He S.A.W.A.W celebrated Jesus PBUH by letting Jesus PBUH be a piece of His country, the Muslims. At the point when Jesus PBUH came to think about the excellencies of the best and last country, He, fell in extraordinary love of Prophet S.A.W.A.W, solicited God to be a section from it. God addressed His petition and made Him a piece of it. That is the reason He returns…