Hurting woman Man suffers in Train incident

A man lost his life while taking the life on an innocent woman under the train. The criminal had tried to push the woman on the railway track but lucky the woman escaped and the man himself becomes a victim on the track. He got the instant reward for what he had thought for someone else.

Every other day, similar incident are reported on media where people get hurt.  People walks very carelessly near the railway track and get hurt often. While standing near a train on the railway station they become very careless. Their carelessness of people results in bigger train incidents every day in the city.

Sometimes it has been seen that people get into trouble near the railway track while using the mobile phone carelessly. They get so much involve into the mobile phone that totally becomes unaware of the train presence around them. Such carelessness also results in serious incidents. All the blames are put on the railway drivers after wards as seen in many past examples available in the media.
Over the years, train has become a very useful mean of travelling. Where ever railway track reaches in the country, many other things also reach automatically. A lot of jobs are offered to the local population on the railway stations and travelling facilities also gets improved automatically.

Railway track plays an important role in the economy of a country. Train can become an important source of revenue for any country if used properly in all the cities.