This nation has lost its track

The importance is given to desires and people keep on following and chasing their desires blindly which make the nation corrupt, the relationships and personal contacts are given preference over merit and is neglected because the book Quran is hardly read by the people which teaches them good things.

Bribery, robbery, and intermingling of sexes all are practiced by people who are not aware of the teachings of Islam and those people who are not aware of the sayings of prophet are usually found doing corruption and become despair of sustenance and commit kufur.

All the corruption normally is caused by the politicians who instigate people to do corruption because these politicians simply want to increase their vote bank and try to make innocent people involved in the corruption. People who are declared as corrupt are basically remain under the influence of politicians that make them work or move according to their will and use people for their work and remain innocent themselves behind the curtain. Many people suffer just because they are dependent.