Weak hearts must think before watching

Sensitive people are advised not to watch all the videos of wildlife fight because death case is reported many times just because people could not bear the pain of watching the wildlife that how badly animals are being eaten by each other. They are advised to watch the videos that are natural and hold peaceful scenes.
People trading this jungle life are found reporting that many times we find people dying while watching horrible fight video of animals, some people simply share after watching these videos on the internet with those who fear watching it and as a result number of complaints increase.

As far as the wildlife fight is concerned people running this trade are hardly seen suffering despite of the ban on their television channels and internet videos because the number of play clicks they get in the internet generate revenue for them too much that there remains no need for them to generate revenue in the days when telecast of such videos is banned and no one in the market bothers to protest against the ban because they can afford this downfall in market.