Women Soldiers in IDF Foreces

A small video footage of an Indian Army officer went viral in media since last few days. It is a footage consisting of a young girl chasing and treating a young officer in uniform in a large crowed. The girl was molested and mistreated by the young beret before the incident. The victim escaped from his custody and took the revenge in open public on the offence against her. The brave girl then went to higher military office with her complain.

A report was immediately filed against the Indian Army officer in the military police after the crime. An investigation team was setup to investigate the matter consisting of higher military officers. If the young beret found guilty of misbehaving with the girl, he will be punished and sent home from his duty. His all military benefits will be snatched from him according to the military law.
It was not the first report of misbehaving and molesting a young girl by any Indian Army officer. Crimes against the women were reported at very large number in India in past also. Due to tough duties and environment, the military officers also gets frustrated with their life. They become mental patients and commit such type of crimes whenever they find a female alone and get a chance. The young brave girl was also struck in a similar kind of situation.

Instead of getting scared of the Indian army officer, the young brave girl fought back and struggled for safety. She was successful in escaping from his custody safely. After getting herself out of the trouble the innocent girl thought the military officer and many others watching a great lesson for the future.

Media also highlighted the matter of young brave girl which gave the importance to the matter. The Indian Army officer was suspended after the complaint against him.